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  • Pay Only Shipping And Handling!!!

    Pay Only Shipping And Handling!!!

    Get your extra Puffs on for free by Pay Only Shipping And Handling!!! Most of these products are Nicotine Free….it is about the flavor…and the art of the Puff Smoke. Remember..the more Puffs you buy from us..the more Free Puffs we send your way as a thank you Gift!! You can check out another Free […]

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  • How To Properly Maintain Your Vape Device

    After investing in a vaping device, you’ll want to be sure to take the proper steps to care for it. Cleaning your vape often is the best way to ensure a long life and maximum enjoyment. In fact, if you feel like your experience has been sub-optimal lately, chances are, your vape probably just needs […]

  • What Is CBD Oil?

    CBD  is a derivative of hemp. CBD has recently exploded onto the US consumer market, following increased information about its potential health benefits. The supplement is seen as a dietary additive often used to reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation, and aches. The FDA also recently approved the very first CBD-based prescription drug to treat rare forms […]

  • Guide to Selecting the Right Vape Device

    When entering the world of vaping the massive selection of different styles and types of devices available can be a bit overwhelming. Our goal is to help evaluate your needs in order to streamline the process of selecting the device that’s best for you. To do this we will examine the different styles of devices […]